Spend one night in an ice cave!

It is out in the wilderness you find the real Svalbard feeling! To experience the light and the colors of the Polarnight we must get out of Longyearbyen. It is out in the wilderness - in the total darkness - you are able to see the magic of the Polarnight. Join us for a magical night under the glacier, Larsbreen.



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Back country skiing - Rando camps April 2016!

Join our Rando Camps every weekend (Friday - Sunday) in April 2016. You will be transported by snowmobile from Longyearbyen to Kreklingpasset and we will set up our camp in the area Fangen breen. New mountains every day! All participants must be polarbear watch during the night. One hour each. You can't miss it - rando in Svalbard is so sweet! Price NOK 8 999,- per person.

More information will come.

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Prins Karls Forland - Summer 2016!

Join us on a treasure hunt among culture historical remains on Prins

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Longyearbyen, SJ

Saturday 13.02.2016

Temperatur: -14 oC

Vind: 0.85 mps

Skyer: 44 %