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Privacy and personal data

At Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, we are concerned with protecting our customers' personal data and that you as a customer understand how we handle the information you give us about you. We have thoroughly familiarized ourselves with the new laws and adjusted our privacy rules according to these rules, regardless of whether you are traveling in a group, private or work context. We process personal data in accordance with the legislation currently in force.

GDPR stands for The General Data Protection Regulation and is a new piece of EU legislation that entered into force on 25 May 2018. GDPR is about privacy and the individual's right to know what businesses store of personal data.

This privacy policy explains what we collect, how we do it, what we use the information for and what we do to protect the personal data.

Data processor and data controller

When you are a private customer of Svalbard Wildlife Expedition, Svalbard Wildlife Expedition is the data controller. As data controllers, we are allowed to use personal data to, for example, send you customized offers and newsletters, provided we have obtained your consent.

We have full control over the data

In our databases, we have a full overview of all the information we store about our customers. We only store relevant and necessary information about our customers, other information is automatically deleted. If we want to use the data for a purpose other than what you have approved, we will always ask for your consent.

We also have a full overview of which cooperating suppliers we exchange data with. Data that is forwarded is only the necessary information to be able to complete an order. Our suppliers are data processors and do not have the right to use your information for anything other than what has to do with your order.

What do we know about you and what do we use the data for?

Personal information you provide to us is only used in line with the relevant purpose and in a secure manner. Your personal data will not be sold or passed on to third parties. Your personal data will only be stored as long as there is a need for this. When there is no longer a need, the information will be deleted or anonymised.

We do not use personal data for profiling or marketing unless we ask for your consent to this. All marketing is carried out in accordance with current legislation.


On the website cookies are used to make the website more user-friendly. We do not use cookies to collect sensitive personal information. You can make changes to your browser and block cookies at any time. By blocking all cookies, you may lose access to parts of the website.

We use third-party analysis tools (Google Analytics) to offer our customers user-friendly websites. If you do not want to accept our use of Google Analytics cookies, you can withdraw your consent by changing the settings in your browser.

In order to be able to share the latest from social media, we use third-party cookies from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Svalbard Wildlife Expedition undertakes to keep information relating to your travel activities confidential. All use of personal data takes place in accordance with The Personal Information Act. When booking trips, Svalbard Wildlife Expedition is obliged to comply with government orders regarding the release of data within the limits imposed by the authorities and Norwegian law.

Your rights: access, correction and deletion

If you as a customer contact us and ask to know what information we have about you, you will receive a concrete overview within 10 working days.

Safety and risk assessment

We have built-in privacy in all our solutions. The most user-friendly setting is standard in all our systems. We ourselves take responsibility for assessing risks in relation to privacy. The most important thing for us is that the information we have is processed in accordance with the law and is in no way leaked to other parties or persons who are not supposed to handle this data.

We have our own security strategy, and our own routines where we at all times assess privacy consequences, risks and check how personally sensitive information we actually have. All employees are obliged to follow the new routines in accordance with new legislation.

With us you shop safely and securely. Credit card information is encrypted and cannot be copied. CVC code is not stored in our systems.

Newsletters, invitations, user surveys, reviews and the like

We need your consent if you want to subscribe to any of our newsletters, receive user surveys and reviews or when downloading content. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by either pressing "unsubscribe from newsletter".

A safer everyday life for everyone

Although the new legislation may seem heavy and demanding, it is absolutely necessary. Strict rules are required, so that companies, customers and suppliers are always sure that the information that is out there is treated in a safe way. It is for the good of all.

Contact us

If you have any questions about SVALBARD WILDLIFE EXPEDITIONS' privacy policy or processing of personal data, you can contact us at:

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