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Svalbard Snowshoe camp in the arctic winter with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Wildlife Snowshoe Camp - Into the Wild

  • Details

    Difficulty level (out of 5)


    *Minimum 4 (out of 8) participants must be above 18 years old:

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    • March - April
    • 09:00am
    • 3 days
    • 16 years*

    You don't need any special skills apart from the desire to be out in nature. We provide the necessary equipment. Spend three nights out in the wilderness, learning to camp in arctic conditions, being polar bear guard and hiking into a winter wonderland far from civilzation.

    Price includes:

    • Transport round trip
    • Food
    • Tent
    • Sleeping pad
    • Headlamp
    • Snowshoes and hiking poles
    • Guide with necessary safety equipment

    Recommend to bring:

    • Good, warm and worn-in hiking boots
    • Warm clothes
    • Cold drink (preferably in a thermos as liquid can freeze to ice)
    • Camera
    • Warm jumper for the journey home and breaks
    • Backpack
    • Sleeping bag*

    *NOK 600 sleeping bag rental

    After booking confirmation, you will receive our complete recommended equipment list for this expedition.

    We serve warm meals. Bring your own packed lunches if needed.

    Larger luggage can be stored in our warehouse or in the accommodation's luggage room.

    Extra clothing and equipment: Arctica

  • Itinerary

    If you have a strong passion for nature and are curious about the Arctic, this is the perfect winter adventure. Three days is enough time when you are in close contact with the Arctic in the real way. Hiking with camping in a deserted and quiet area. Suddenly, a team of dogs or more may come gliding past. There are several things to learn on such a trip, how to set up camp and sleep in a tent on snow, protect yourself from the polar bear, the cold and the weather in general. We will have the opportunity to adapt completely to the weather and what challenges nature offers us.

    There are different mountain peaks and beautiful nature in all directions, so each new day we decide together where we will set our course. In the event of a storm or bad weather, we will have the opportunity to seek extra shelter by exploring one of the ice caves in the immediate area or in Longyearbyen. Our camp will be located in a snowmobile-free zone between fantastic mountain peaks.  Everyone who takes part in the trip will also take part in keeping a polar bear watch at night. The guide divides the group into shifts to keep the camp safe.

    Please note that the length of the trips and activities will vary depending on weather conditions and group composition.

    Poor visibility and wind may cause us to make adjustments to the plans in relation to what is described in the planned schedule above. We bring all food and drink from Longyearbyen, and leave nothing behind - except for our snowshoe tracks.

Accommodation in Svalbard.
Book accommodation at Gjestehuset 102

*Discount of 10 % is given on accommodation at Gjestehuset 102 with purchasing at least one multi-day activity from us. Code: SWE10

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