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Spitsbergen kayaking expedition along glacier front with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Spitsbergen Kayak Expedition - Isfjorden

  • Details

    Difficulty level (out of 5): 


    *Minimum 4 participants above 18 years old.


    • 15:00 (Day 1)
    • 1+7 days
    • 16 years*​

    It is required that you are familiar with kayaking and have some training in paddling. However, there is no requirement for experience from overnight trips with kayaks.

    The guide will give instructions on which safety rules apply and we paddle in drysuits. Daily we will spend about 8 hours in the kayaks, the day will be laid out in stages of 1 ½ to 2 hours of paddling before we go ashore for a shorter break.

    Max. drysuit size: XXL

    Max. passenger height: 1.95 m

    Price includes:

    • Transport round trip
    • 2-person kayak
    • Personal kayak clothing such as a drysuit and life jacket
    • Food
    • Tent
    • Sleeping mat
    • Guide with necessary safety equipment

    Recommend to bring:

    • Warm socks
    • Warm clothes
    • Cold drink
    • Camera in waterproof bag
    • Backpack
    • Sleeping bag*

    *NOK 600 sleeping bag rental

    After booking confirmation, you will receive our complete recommended packing list for this expedition. We serve warm meals. Bring your own packed lunches if needed.

    Larger luggage can be stored in our warehouse or in your accommodation's luggage room.


    Norwegian Polar Institute's map series; C8 Billefjorden, B8 St. Jonsfjorden, B7 Tre Kroner,  (C7 Dicksonfjorden)

    Extra clothing and equipment: Arctica

  • Itinerary

    The summer in Svalbard offers a varied experience of magnificent nature, rich wildlife, historic and cultural monuments and, most importantly, the feeling of peace and tranquility in unspoiled nature.

    A journey through the arctic landscape is best achieved with sufficient time and silence to sense and digest the experiences.

    7 days on tour with kayak as means of transportation will give you time and silence for an unforgettable journey. In two-person kayaks, we set off for the fjords in the heart of Svalbard. Here, on our Arctic sea voyage, we will be able to hike into wild nature, and encounter varied natural and cultural experiences.

    From magnificent mountains, through open plains to spectacular glacier fronts. From 300-year-old traces of polar fishing styles to today's modern fishing in Svalbard.

    Day 1:

    Good planning, nice tour mates and careful preparations are half the trip! Due to that, it is important that all the participants have arrived Longyearbyen in the afternoon of the starting date. The guide will pick you up at your choice of accommodation at 4 pm. During the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the other participants and to make sure you brought the necessary equipment. The guide will brief you on the planned route and give you an updated weather forecast. We will pack and prepare the kayaks for the next day before we end the meeting. Those who have a need to supplement their equipment will have time to do so before the sporting goods stores close.

    Day 2 to 7:

    *Remember to ask for an early breakfast if you're staying at hotel or guesthouse!

    We will depart from Longyearbyen by boat, crossing the Isfjord, and after a few hours we will be set ashore north of Kapp Thordsen. We will fine-tune the kayaks and equipment before we start paddling our kayaks. We have altogether 7 days ahead of us to explore and paddle the fjords of the north side of Isfjorden, and the return to Longyearbyen is not until the afternoon of the last day.

    We will be paddling the whole day, but there will also be possibilities to experience the arctic wilderness by short hikes in the areas of the camps if desired and possible.

    Day 8:

    The last day we will be picked up by boat in the afternoon. The return trip to Longyearbyen will last for a few hours. Back in Longyearbyen we will unpack our stuff, and you will be transported to you accommodation for a well-deserved shower.

    The schedule for this tour may be altered due to weather and size of the group. On Svalbard, the weather shapes every decision. Polar bear in the camp will also lead to changes as we are bound to protect its existence.

Accommodation in Svalbard.
Book accommodation at Gjestehuset 102

*Discount of 10 % is given on accommodation at Gjestehuset 102 with purchasing at least one multi-day activity from us. Code: SWE10

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