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Nordenskiold Land Hiking Expedition

Nordenskiold Land Hiking Expedition

  • Details

    Difficulty level (out of 5): 


    *Minimum 4 participants above 18 years old.

    • 11.07.2024 - 14.07.2024
    • 4 days (3 nights)
    • 16 years*

    Distance & Elevation: total approx. 60 km distance, 1200 m elevation gain

    All participants are used to hiking and carrying their own rucksack. Weight 15-20kg (personal and communal equipment and food for all days). We recommend that you read through our proposed equipment list before departure. There are no trails or bridges, we will be finding our own path over tundra, scree slopes, and rivers.

    We recommend that you read through our proposed equipment list before departure, which you will receive upon confirmed booking.

    Price includes:

    • Transport round trip
    • Food
    • Tent
    • Sleeping mat
    • Guide with necessary safety equipment

    Recommend to bring:

    • Good, warm and sealed hiking boots
    • Warm change of clothes in a dry bag
    • Camera
    • Binoculars
    • Backpack
    • Sleeping bag*

    ​*NOK 600 sleeping bag rental

    After booking confirmation, you will receive our complete recommended equipment list for this expedition.

    We serve hot meals. Bring your own packed lunches if needed.

    Larger luggage can be stored in our storage or in your accommodation's luggage room.

    Extra clothing and equipment: Arctica

  • Itinerary

    Behind the small town of Longyearbyen lies Nordenskiold Land; a vast expanse of countless glacial valleys, flanked by imposing, barren mountains.

    The short Arctic summer offers a glimpse into the subtle riches of Svalbard’s tundra - reindeer often graze in the sparse yet diverse vegetation, while large bird colonies in craggy outcrops overlook the fjords. With each passing day, the midnight sun surfs ever closer to the horizon, casting a warm hue over the land.

    We will spend 4 days in this great outdoors. With our tents, we will set out on a through-hike winding its way through valleys, along coastlines and over mountain plateaus, making camp in a different place each night. Along the way, we can encounter some wildlife, as well as come across old cultural remains from Svalbard’s past.

    The duration of this tour may vary depending on weather and conditions as well as the dynamic of the group. If need be, we will have shorter or longer days, and find room for hiking into alternative areas.

Accommodation in Svalbard.
Book accommodation at Gjestehuset 102

*Discount of 10 % is given on accommodation at Gjestehuset 102 with purchasing at least one multi-day activity from us. Code: SWE10

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