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Svalbard expedition hiking into Nordenskiold Land with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Nordenskiold Land Hiking Expedition


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  • Detaljer

    © Martin Fiala, Amalie Halleland


    Vanskelighetsgrad (av 5): 



    *Minimum 4 deltakere over 18 år:

    👤👤👤👤 //  👤👤+



    • Dato: 14.07.2024 - 17.07.2024  
      ✔️Guaranteed departure

    • 4 dager (3 netter)

    • 16 år*


    Avstand og stigning: totalt rundt 60 km, 1200 meters stigning.


    Alle deltakere er vant til å gå tur og bære sin egen sekk. Vekt 15-20kg (personlig og felles utstyr og mat til alle dager). Vi anbefaler at du leser gjennom vår foreslåtte utstyrsliste før avreise. Det er ingen stier eller broer, vi vil finne vår egen sti over tundra, skråninger og elver.


    Vi anbefaler at du leser igjennom vårt forslag til utstyrsliste før avreise som blir tilsendt ved bestilling.


    Prisen inkluderer:

    • Transport tur/retur overnattingssted

    • Mat og varm drikke

    • Telt

    • Liggeunderlag

    • Guide med nødvendig sikkerhetsutstyr


    Anbefaler å ta med:

    • Gode, varme og inngåtte fjellsko

    • Varme klesskift i en dry bag

    • Kamera

    • Kikkert

    • Dagstursekk

    • Sovepose*


    Du får tilsendt en anbefalt pakkeliste ved bekreftet bestilling.


    *NOK 600 leie av sovepose

    Vi serverer frokost og varme måltider. Ta med egne matpakker om behov.


    Større bagasje kan oppbevares på vårt lager eller på overnattingstedets bagasjerom.

    Ekstra utstyr og klær: Arctica

  • Turbeskrivelse

    Behind the small town of Longyearbyen lies Nordenskiöld Land; a vast expanse of countless glacial valleys, flanked by imposing barren mountains.


    The short Arctic summer offers a glimpse into the subtle riches of Svalbard’s tundra - reindeer often graze in the sparse yet diverse vegetation, while large bird colonies in craggy outcrops overlook the fjords. With each passing day, the midnight sun surfs ever closer to the horizon, casting a warm hue over the land.


    We will spend 4 days in this great outdoors. With our tents, we will set out on a through-hike winding our way through valleys, along coastlines and over mountain plateaus, making camp in a different place each night. Along the way, we get the chance to encounter local wildlife, as well as come across old cultural remains from Svalbard’s past.


    The days and route will be adjusted according to weather and conditions.


    Dag 1: Forberedelser og start fra Todalen til Fritham


    Good planning, nice tour mates, and careful preparation make up half the trip! Therefore, it is important that all participants arrive in Longyearbyen the day before. Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation at 8:00 AM. We'll start by getting to know each other, while the guide checks everyone's gear to make sure we're fully equipped. You'll also receive a detailed briefing on the planned route and an updated weather forecast. After packing and preparing our rucksacks, there will be a chance to visit local outdoor shops for any last-minute needs.


    Around noon, we will be dropped off by car at the end of the road in the valley of Todalen. From there, we will hike about 10 km up the valley to a small plateau called Fritham, situated 400 metres above sea level. We will set up our first camp in the early evening, establish camp routines, organise a bear watch schedule, and prepare and enjoy dinner together.



    Dag 2: Fritham - Bodalen - Colesdalen



    Rise and shine for an exciting day! After a hearty breakfast, we'll break down our camp and set off on a 20 km hike down the valley of Bødalen. By lunchtime, the wide open valley of Colesbay will unfold before us. We’ll continue following the valley towards the sea, arriving at an abandoned Russian mining settlement on the shore by late afternoon. We will set up camp nearby, and explore the area after dinner.



    Dag 3: Colesdalen - Grumantbyen - Grumantdalen


    Our journey continues from Colesbay as we follow the old coal railway along the rugged coastline to Grumant, an abandoned mining town nestled between towering bird cliffs. We will then hike up the valley of Grumantdalen to our next camp on a mountain plateau, just below the small glacier of Grumantbreen. Covering around 14 km with a total elevation gain of approximately 600 metres, this day promises to be both challenging and rewarding.



    Dag 4: Fuglefjella - Bjørndalen - transport tilbake til Longyearbyen


    On our final day, we'll traverse the mountain plateau of Fuglefjella, where you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding peaks and the Isfjord. As we descend into the valley of Bjørndalen, we cross the valley river, completing another 14 km journey on this day. Our adventure concludes at a coastal road, where we will be picked up and transported back to Longyearbyen, carrying with us beautiful memories.


    The length of each day and the activities may change due to weather conditions and the composition of the group. If necessary, the days and the trip can be shortened, or conversely, if time and energy allows, we can make small scenic detours to some small mountains or vistas.

Accommodation in Svalbard.

Bestill overnatting på Gjestehuset 102

*Rabatt på 10 % gis på overnatting hos Gjestehuset 102 ved kjøp av minst én flerdagsaktivitet hos oss. Bruk kode: SWE10.

Velkommen med på tur

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