SKI&SAIL in Isfjorden with MS Ulla Rinman

Skiing without compromises. Untouched snow, alone deep in the wilderness. When we sat down planning the trip we wanted to offer you the best possible skiing experience, and we are highly satisfied with the results – there is no other place we’d rather go. Sailing by boat, we have the possibility to go exactly where the best skiing conditions are every day. This is the trip for you who love great skiing, beautiful surroundings, and the adventure of finding it!


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Lyst å prøve isklatring?

Lyst å bli med videre inn og ned i grotta - der andre snur?

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Prins Karls Forland - Sommer 2016!

Bli med på skattejakt blandt kulturhistoriske minner på Prins Karls Forland!

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Longyearbyen, SJ

Wednesday 25.05.2016

Temperatur: 2 oC

Vind: 7.2 mps

Skyer: 75 %