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Freshly fallen snow absorbs sound waves, giving everything a seemingly hushed, quieter ambience after a flurry. But if the snow then melts and refreezes, the ice can reflect sound waves making sound travel further and clearer (BBC Earth).


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Explore one of our day trips this winter
Do you want to join a hike up to Platåfjellet or outside of the Global Seed Vault? Go on an adventurous walk across the glacier to Sarkofagen, or explore a frozen world below?


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HOW TO DRESS: Dark Season Hiking
Make sure to dress the part to fully enjoy your hike. Take a look at our latest video for a short tutorial!
Explore randonnée ski touring in bold surroundings
The mountain range of Trollsteinen is shaped like a horse shoe around the glacier Larsbreen. 

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Magnificent view from the top, also during the dark season.