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Safety in Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

Arctic nature has always had a magical attraction for humans. With its 61,000 square kilometers, Svalbard offers enormous areas of untouched arctic nature. When you go on a trip with us, we want you to have experiences you will never forget.

At the same time that Svalbard's nature provides opportunities for fantastic experiences, it also places great demands on safety. Our experienced guides ensure a safe and good environment for your arctic nature experiences.

In Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, we are on a trip together. We have mutual respect for each other, for nature and for Svalbard's cultural history. Together we create good experiences and a great learning arena.

Note that we speak in English on all our tours and recommend that our guests have a basic understanding of English to maintain the safety protocols on all tours.

On the ice

More than sixty percent of Svalbard is covered by glaciers. When we travel here, we always have glacier equipment with us. The guide will always assess where and how we travel on the glaciers.

Winter and snow provide fantastic opportunities for ski and snowmobile tours. We walk in valleys, on mountains and over glaciers. All the time, the guide assesses the terrain and the snow conditions so that we avoid moving in avalanche-prone areas.

Along the fjords

The fjords on Svalbard are great routes, but you have to be familiar with the conditions to travel here. The ice, which is fine at one point in time, can be cracked and impassable only hours later due to wind and current conditions. The guide always assesses the weather, sea and ice conditions before we travel across the fjords.

The king of the Arctic

Meetings with polar bears can be wonderful nature experiences, but can also create dangerous situations. The guide always carries a flare gun or pistol and rifle as polar bear safety. It is important that we stick together when we are on a trip. You never know where the bear might be, so we are always prepared to meet the king of the Arctic. When we sleep in a tent, we either have a bear watch or we set up trip flares to be safe in relation to polar bears at night as well. It is strictly forbidden to seek out polar bears.

The arctic winter

During the winter season, the cold and the wind decide how we dress on tour. We must ensure the right clothing, good food and good routines for how we cope with the arctic climate. Proper clothing is absolutely essential.

Sustainable experiences

On our tours, nature and wildlife are treated with respect. A good distance is kept both so as not to disturb the surroundings and to preserve the guests' safety on tour.

All rubbish and waste is taken back, including what we come across on our way that may have been left by others.

We believe that you, as a guest on Svalbard, want to be left with even more than good experiences.

Meeting Svalbard's nature and the special cultural history up here provides a fine framework for learning more about nature, history, outdoor life, interaction and sustainable experiences.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity for both great experiences and useful lessons that can be taken on.

Read more on safety regulations by Governor of Svalbard:
Safety on Svalbard

Take note of the limited health care services at Longyearbyen Hospital - our emergency medical hopsital:

Health care in Svalbard

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