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Clothing in Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

The type of clothing recommended varies according to season, weather and wind, dark season, midnight sun, distance, area and duration of the trip.

Head and neck

A good and warm windproof hat that covers the ears and a polar buff covering your throat and neck to protect your from cold exposure.

Upper body

Warm base layer in wool, warm sweater or fleece jacket, windproof hiking jacket, (and a down jacket in the backpack).

Hands and fingers

Thick mittens for colder, windy days, preferably a pair of gloves in the backpack.

Lower body

Base layer in wool, wind and waterproof hiking trousers either medium warm or warm.

Feet and toes

Woolen socks to wear in your shoes, and preferably an extra pair in your backpack.

Feet and soles

Good and warm hiking boots, preferably worn-in to avoid chafing (!)

See videos on clothing for summer / for winter.

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