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About Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions

  • Started in 1993

  • Natural experiences

  • Operating all year around

  • Specialized in the field

  • Small groups

  • Local knowledge

Our origin story

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS was formed in 2008, but has roots back in 1992 when Svalbard Wildlife Services started with tourism activities in Svalbard. In 1980, the founder of Svalbard Wildlife Service, Arne Kristoffersen, came to Longyearbyen as a miner. Since then, he has spent most of his years up here and therefore knows the area better than most. After a year of preparations, the Svalbard Wildlife Service was founded in 1990, and Arne organized the first trip in the summer of the same year. This was part of tourism's early beginnings on Svalbard. Svalbard Wildlife Eiendom and Gruve 3 were formerly part of Svalbard Wildlife Service, but are now separated as separate companies.

Our goals

Nature experiences become stronger when the whole person is engaged. That is why we at Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS want to make it possible for you as a guest to be an active participant on the trip. In this way, we believe you will get a stronger experience of the arctic wilderness, you will gain a greater understanding of being on a trip to Svalbard and you will learn more. We want your experiences to be so good that you come back to Svalbard, on a trip with Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions AS.

Sustainability is part of every detail in Svalbard Wildlife Expedition's activities.

Our resources

Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions has a variety of activities that require a lot from the guides and safety is our highest priority. Our experienced, Arctic guides ensure a safe and good environment, with both broad and long experience in the field as well as being certified within our areas of activities.

We have mutual respect for each other, for nature and wildlife, and Svalbard's cultural history. Together we create an arena for learning and for the good nature experiences through body, mind and soul.

In Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, we are on a trip together. We have mutual respect for each other, for nature and for Svalbard's cultural history. Together we act as a resourceful group of knowledge combined with good experiences and a great learning arena.

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