Arctic Challenge: Hiortfjellet – hike and kayak

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Everybody has a relationship with Hjortfjellet, a mountain that towers with its characteristic shape on the other side of the fjord facing us in Longyearbyen.
To climb its summit is a must. But it is tough, there is a good reason why this trip has the name "The Arctic Challenge"; The fjord must be crossed by kayak and then around 1000 altitude metres in an untouched terrain await to be climbed.

And there will be no red-painted guiding marks on these rocks. This is untouched land. Well – not entirely: On the way to the summit we pass by Sneheim, where the miners used to live. Halfway there, we will see a mining plant from past times.

Once the summit is reached, the reward in terms of the view is spectacular. Miles of untouched arctic nature stretch out underneath your feet.
On the way back, we pick up rubbish that shows up on our way. SWE focuses on sustainability and nature conservation.


switchAs our groups are international, our tours are guided in English.


This trip is suitable for:

Level: 5 of 5


Extra equipment and clothes:

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Periode: June - September
Dager: According to our Activity Calendar
Tidspunkt: 08:00
Varighet: 11 hours
Pris 1: NOK 2010
Pris 2: Minimum age 16
Pris 3: Demanding Level 5 of 5

Minimum participants: 2 persons

Maximum participants: 12 persons

Minimum age: 16 years

Included in the Price: Transportation to/from the accommodation site, personal kayak clothing such as dry suit and life jacket, lunch, hot drinks, biscuits and a guide with necessary safety equipment.

The trip will start at 8 am, when we will pick you up at your accommodation site and bring you to our storage in Sjøområdet. You will be assigned your personal kayaking equipment for the day. Instructions, safety training and environmental information will be provided during the trip.

Prior kayaking experience is not required, as the tour guides will provide necessary instruction. The trip is 11 hours and is quite challenging so you need to be in good physical health.

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