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Let your Svalbard experiences become natural magic in magical nature.


The Arctic nature has always had a magical attraction on people. With an area of 61,000 km², Svalbard can offer enormous areas of untouched Arctic nature. When you join us for adventures, we want you to have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

The Svalbard nature offers opportunities for fantastic adventures, but it also makes strict demands on safety. Our experienced guides ensure that safety is the top priority on your Arctic nature-based adventure.


AdobeStock 457141357 Please note that we speak English on all of our tours and recommend guests having basic understanding of English to ensure safety during hikes.


More than 60 percent of Svalbard is covered by glaciers. When we walk on glaciers, your guide will always have the necessary equipment available and will at all times assess where and how we wander on the glaciers.
Wintertime and snow provide fantastic opportunities for expeditions by ski and snowmobile. We venture into valleys, up mountains and across glaciers – and at all times the guide assesses the terrain and snow conditions so we avoid terrain that poses avalanche risks.
The fjords in Svalbard are wonderful traffic arteries, but in order to travel here you should always be familiar with the conditions. Ice which is fine one moment can, as a result of changing wind and current conditions, be ruptured and impassable just hours later. Your guide will always assess weather, sea and ice conditions before we travel across fjords.


RIGHT NOW: How to dress for hiking in the semi-cold dark season:


How to dress for the arctic summer:

Encounters with polar bears can be fantastic nature-based experiences, but they can also create dangerous situations. The guide always carries a signal pen or signal pistol and rifle to as a safety precaution against polar bears. Staying together on expeditions in the Arctic nature is important. As we don’t know in advance where the polar bears are, we must always be prepared for a meeting with the King of the Arctic. When we are sleeping in tents, there is either a guard on duty or we set up tripwires with flares to ensure we are safe with respect to polar bears at night too.
During winter, the cold temperatures and wind set strict demands about how we act while exploring the Arctic nature. We must take care of providing the correct clothing, good food and good routines for how we tackle the Arctic climate.


How to dress for the arctic winter:

We believe that you as a guest to Svalbard want to leave with even more than good adventures. Encounters with the Svalbard nature and the unique cultural history here provide great scope for learning more about nature, history, life in the great outdoors, teamwork and being environmentally friendly. Our aim is that your Svalbard experience gives you opportunities for both adventures and learning.
At Svalbard Wildlife Expeditions, we go on adventures together. We have mutual respect for each other, the environment and for Svalbard’s cultural history. Together, we create great experiences and excellent arenas for learning.


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