Rando camp in Kreklingpasset

Light 24/7. Tree line is 1300 km south. In this area snow buildup since September and captures much snow. Come and visit our favorite playground Kreklingpasset, a sheltered mountainous area with 1000 m descends in all directions, only one hour drive with snow mobile from Longyearbyen! Here is always good snow and all flavors of downhill and real ski touring. This camp is for randonnee, Telemark, snowboards and splitboards entusiasts.


Pick up at 09:00 in your hotel. Departure from Longyearbyen by snowmobiles to Kreklingpasset. We are left at the top of Tellbreen for a first taste of snow. From there we will be able to scout many of the possible ski slopes for the coming days. Campsite is on Fangenbreen next to the foot of Tellbreen. From here we have a lot of choices for the routes of the day. The day is long and the night never really comes – it’s light all the time in April, so we can do both evening ski and midnight ski!


The whole playground is at our disposal for the weekend. We have amazing slopes right at the foot of our camp and nearby there are just more to discover. Ottofjellet, Helvetiafjellet, Sopranen, Lusitaniafjellet… We bring lunch and snacks and go out exploring. Maybe we can spot a polar bear on the sea ice with binoculars from Ottofjellet… Back in camp we are definitely ready for a stable dinner and a good night sleep, to rest the body for the coming day.


Yesterday a lot of dreams of new descents were made from the views on the top. Today they can be realized! Maybe new snow has fallen during the night and the lines are fresh. There is anyway enough untouched snow here in this area for everyone. The whole Sunday is at our disposal before we ride back with snowmobile around 6 pm.



General information: Be aware that the length per day, the trip and the activities may change due to weather conditions and the composition of the group. Bad weather and wind might cause us to shorten or lengthen the trips from what is described here. We might meet birds and animals up close and hopefully get some good photo opportunities. All equipment and food will be brought with us from Longyearbyen, and back.


Demands of participants: You need experience in downhill skiing and mountain hiking, however you don’t need to be an expert – downhill skiing is not about breaking records! We will chose our routes from the will of the participants, and choose difficulty level according to the experience of the participants. The tour is medium demanding and the participants should not have any knee problems.


Included in price: Transport to/from your accommodation, food, tent, sleeping mat, experienced guide with necessary safety equipment. The price does not include sleeping bag (NOK 500,-) and ski equipment. We are helpful with renting out skis and avalanche equipment (obligatory). The luggage you don't need in the camp, can be left in our storage or at your hotels luggage room.

Minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants.


Map: Norwegian Polar Institute map; C9 Adventdalen

Travelling to Svalbard: www.sas.no or www.norwegian.no


We recommend Guesthouse 102 for accommodation. We offer discounts here when booking one of our overnight trips.





Periode: April- Mai 2018
Dager: fredag- søndag
Tidspunkt: Hver helg i april samt den første helgen i mai 2018
Pris 1: NOK 8 999,-