Isklatring i isgrotte

Where the others stop, we keep exploring.

Exploration is in our soul. That is why we are happy to offer you the opportunity to explore Larsbreens icecave further than the average visitors go. In doing so, we'll bring axes, crampons, ropes and ice-climbing copentent guides, but we need your desire to do it, it is not a trip where the guide can climb or rappel instead of you.

You have to do it by yourself!!! Of course under supervision of a skilled guide.

We start from the top of town in Nybyen and walk on snow shoes to the glacier. About 1 ½ hour later we reach the entrance of the cave. Here we will dress up with equipment like helmet, harness, crampons and head light before we continue down into the cave.

After enjoying the ice cave just like those who have booked the ordinary trip to the ice cave, we will start to use rope and climbing technique to descent a natural “moulin” and then another one.  Then we use ice axes and crampons to ascent back up. Please remember to bring your hiking boots with STIFF soles.

After exiting the cave we head back towards Longyearbyen and enjoy the view of the town and the fjord as we walk back down.


If you are afraid of rappelling down into a frozen moulin, hanging on a rope, crawl into small places.....

If you are afraid of climbing vertical ice only standing on your crampons and ice axe picks....

Then this is not a trip you should book!

MINIMUM 2 gjester og maksimum 4 gjester. 1 gjest kan bestille privattur med egen klatreguide (NOK 2 108,-)


Periode: Medio November - Mai
Dager: Torsdag og Fredag
Tidspunkt: Torsdager fra klokken 09:00
Dager 2: Fredager fra klokken 10:00
Varighet: 7 hours
Pris 1: NOK 1 999,-