Arctic Camp - A Night Outdoors

Would you like to stay one night in tent, outside town and get an experience you can keep for a lifetime? Come with us, and our guides will show you the tricks to have a comfortable night under the arctic sky.

We meet in the afternoon for a talk and pack our pulkas/sleds with all the equipment we need for a night outside.  Our storage is a good place for preparing and learning the essentials before heading out. When we feel ready we hike out on snowshoes into the wilderness, where we will set up a proper winter camp.

This trip is suited for people who are interested in experiencing and learing about camping in the arctic and would like to do so with our experienced guides. The trip is also suited for families. Just give us a heads up. If you consider a longer ski trip with us, but feel uncertain, you are welcome to join us for a night to see.


The price includes, sleeping bag, insulation matress, tent, shovel, food, and cooking equipment, a warm and nice suit, camp shoes, snow shoes and sled.  We bring what we need to make dinner and breakfast outside, so give us a heads up if you have any special requests.


Dager: Wednesday- Thursday
Tidspunkt: 14:00
Dager 2: 2 days
Pris 1: NOK 3.800,- inclusive sleeping bag
Pris 2: NOK 2000 per person in addition if only 2 or 3 persons - Minimum 4 persons
Pris 3: Minimum 4 persons, maximum 12 persons

Change of program:

Completion of the trip, daily stages (kilometers per day) and camping may be changed during the trip, regarded weather changes and the composition of the group.


Medium demanding. Our guide will teach and help before and during camp. Hike in a terrain With  small stones, snow and ice, and solid and warm hiking boots are a must. All persons in camp is helping With camplife as polar bear guarding, making food etc.

Price include: Transport to and from accommodation, food, tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, guide with necessary equipment and knowledge. 

Minimum 4 and maximum 12 participants.